Alexandra Clinton

Alexandra is the owner of Flamma Mysteries. She started the company after spending years writing and running murder mystery events for her friends. With a passion for event planning, she hopes to now produce enjoyable events for larger crowds.

Sean Clinton

Sean is the wonderful, loving husband (who did not write his own bio), of Alexandra. The Flamma Mysteries events would not happen without his help and support. He's also very good at carrying heavy things. 

Elizabeth DeLyser

Elizabeth is a crazily creative content creator who doesn't realize limits are a thing. She enjoys making larger-than-life ideas become reality and making everyone's life a little more surreal. She currently helps with game design, prop design, and as an NPC. 

Matt Taylor

 Matt Taylor has been writing, designing, and running LARP events for more than twenty years. You may know him as the former owner of NERO Elkins WV and the cohost and producer of the Mid-Level Crisis LARP Podcast. When he's not LARPing or talking or writing about LARP, he teaches writing and drama to high school students. Check out his novels, some of which come from his LARP characters, at 

Cory Mattson

Cory is a frequent participant in Flamma Mystery events, turned game designer. He is a driving force behind idea generation and character development. 

Jon Jobko

 Jon Jobko is a 3D structural designer and creator who has been making larger than life sets and props for years. He joins the Maelstrom Mansion as Prop Master