Who is running this event?

Flamma Mysteries. Flamma Mysteries is a new event company founded by Alexandra Clinton, a murder mystery party writer and LARP hobbyist. 

When and where will this event be held?

September 28th-September 30th, 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The venue is the fantastic "Mansions on Fifth," a historic mansion built in the early 1900's. 

What is the setting for this event?

The 1930’s in a currently unnamed town in an east coast state of the United States. We ask that attendees try to come in costumes appropriate to the era (but we won’t be nit picky if something is closer to 1920s or 1940s!) 

What is included in a ticket?

The ticket price primarily covers the cost of amazing meals supplied by the Mansions on Fifth’s chefs, and their service charges/tax/gratuity. You will receive a plated dinner as our welcome dinner on Friday, a buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and a buffet for breakfast on Sunday. Tickets also cover our insurance costs, operations costs, and production cost.  

What is NOT included in a ticket?

 Transportation and Rooming. Guests will be responsible for booking their own rooms in the Mansions on Fifth once tickets and rooming open up. Prices are approximate as follows: $200/night (including tax) for a Queen bed room (sleeps 2), $215/night (including tax) for a King bed room (sleeps 2), Standard Suite and Deluxe Suite rooms, which sleep 3 and 4 respectively, are available as VIP packages. We MUST sell all of the rooms in the main Mansion to be able to run! Once those rooms are booked, we will open the second house for booking as well. Each house has a few of each type of room, so if you’re hoping for a queen suite and they sell out in the main house, you will either need to choose another available room or wait to see if the second house is open!   

Why are rooms not assigned?

Because the rooms are only one bed rooms, we cannot make people share a bed! It is up to everyone to find roommates to split the costs! We can make a ‘connections’ Facebook group after more information is set to help people find roommates/travel buddies!    

Is this location handicap accessible?

For the most part. There is an elevator that will take individuals from the basement to the second floor. There IS a third floor, but that is only rooming, and no planned gameplay will take place on that floor. If you are in need of a handicap accessible room, please make sure to tell the venue that when booking your room! There is a limited number on those rooms/room types, just as a caveat!

Is there a way to rent costumes?

At this time, no… but it is something we are looking into! We just cannot promise that at this moment! 

What style LARP is this event?

At this moment… I don’t have a good definition for it! A high level categorization would be “Theater Larp.” Perhaps it counts as American Freeform? Players will fill out a form based on the sort of character they would like to play. Most of our characters will be created ahead of time, and then we will try to fill roles based on players’ preferences. The game mechanics themselves will provide players a chance to create connections and play a bit of their own stories—but there is an end goal for everyone to work towards! Characters will need to solve puzzles and complete tasks to reach their final goal. Some characters may have special skill sets that lend themselves to these tasks, and those skills will be determined in their character sheet. (So, for example, if there is an ancient cipher that must be translated, players will want to search out someone who was given the skill to do so because only those players will have been given the needed key!)  

Is there combat?

Not at the moment. We may work in new mechanics for people who might want to fight off a monster, but we don’t believe it will be very physical.  

Are you dealing with insanity levels in the game?

 YES. This is Lovecraft after all. In classic Lovecraft, it seems that everyone inevitably succumbs to the insanity of the Old Ones. While that may happen to some people, we are working on a system to make sanity levels fairly important.

Will there be special add on sessions?

Possibly! We are looking to do a possible hour long ‘invite only’ session during the event in the pub and library section—‘invite only’ really means that it is something purchased ahead of time! There is also an idea floating around for another ‘special session’ at a high tea hosted after lunch on Saturday of the event. These sessions are in the works right now, but not a guaranteed experience.  

Will photos be allowed?

We ask that our players do not take any photos or videos, as those will need photo releases. All of our players will be signing a release that will allow our photographers to take pictures. Additionally, there is a likelihood that we will set up designated photoshoot times so that people who come in costume can take advantage of the beautiful location. (So, for example, we might say that from 2-3pm on Saturday, we will be doing a photoshoot on the grand staircase.) 

Will there be NPC opportunities?

 Though we will have NPCs, we are not sure how many slots will be available. The organizers and their main crew will likely be playing NPCs during the event, so it really depends on how many are able to make it to the event!   

Any more questions?

Feel free to drop us an email! Flamma.Mysteries@gmail.com