Event Information

 Step into the 1930’s at Pittsburgh’s historic Mansions on Fifth! For one weekend, this beautiful location will be transformed into the home of Mortimer Montgomery¸ the city’s wealthiest man! He will be opening his home for a once in a lifetime celebration and you have been invited! 

At this time, Maelstrom Mansion is set for only one run in 2018. Though there is the possibility it will be presented for another run if there is demand, we do not advise that attendees hold out for a second event. There will be a maximum of 40 tickets available for purchase between general admission and VIP packages. 

Attendees will receive a survey after purchasing their ticket so that the organizers can best gather information on each person. Attendees are welcome to submit ideas for characters but most characters will be pre-written and assigned based upon feedback from character surveys. Our aim is to best fit character personality types to attendees so that attendees may be fully comfortable stepping into that role. Organizers will do their best to tailor the characters to fit each attendee, but some information will be unalterable—skills and connections, for example, are unlikely to be changed. 

This LARP is set up a bit differently than others. Characters will enter the event oblivious to anything unusual around them. After a major plot point has been completed on Friday, the Mansion will begin to ‘change’—as will some of the characters inside of it. Based upon character survey responses, some characters may be corrupted overnight, which means that on Saturday, not everyone will have the same objectives. Though some characters will want to put any unleashed evil to rest and escape the Mansion with their original personas, some characters may be actively working to let the monsters walk free. There will be specific game mechanics which utilize special skills, such as: translate, investigate, and purify (among others.) The game will also be utilizing an insanity mechanic which will tie into the game finale. 

Attendees will have until midnight on Saturday to accomplish a series of goals (which may include solving puzzles, cleansing rooms, or exorcising fellow players) in order to keep an Elder God from manifesting in the Mansion. Attendees will not know if they have succeeded in closing (or keeping open) the final portal until Midnight. 

The organizers would like attendees to go into the event being prepared to ‘lose,’ that way, it is all the more delightful when someone ‘wins.’ Let’s be honest though, anyone really win in the world of H.P. Lovecraft?

(Please see our FAQ for further information)

Immersion - Photographs

We ask that attendees do not take photos during the event, as only Flamma Mystery photographers will have permission to photograph everyone. We ask that attendees please restrict their photos to their rooms the third floor hallways where game play will not be happening. 

In an effort to thoroughly capture memorable moments and attendee costumes, we will have a designated photographer who will also be an in game character. It is our intention to set up photoshoot blocks so that attendees who are interested in getting portraits taken may have numerous opportunities. For example, we may have a block from 2-3pm where our photographer is taking photos, in character, on the Grand Staircase. Attendees may choose to take some time out to get their photos taken. However, be warned, because this is a Lovecraft themed event, there will of course be an in-game penalty for anyone who feels vain enough to attend multiple shoots. 

Attendees will select their meal options ahead of time through the registration survey.